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Write & Light

Go deeper in your writing with these inspiring lessons.

The Write & Light Course

Generate your most luminous words with these inspiring creative-writing lessons. This open-genre course will get you writing honest and compelling work. You’ll read exciting poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, and complete thoughtful generative assignments that will help you bring more resonance to your writing.

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Is this you?

  • You want to go deeper in your writing.
  • You wonder if your voice has a place in this world.
  • You yearn to write work that resonates with readers.

If you identified with any of the above, it sounds like the Write & Light course is for you!

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Ready to shine?

Painted arches in muted colours.

With write & Light...

  • You’ll generate 10 honest, vulnerable stories or poems (your choice).
  • You’ll gain a deep understanding of your place in the world as a writer.
  • You’ll add tools to your toolbox to generate brave new writing.
  • You’ll know what you’re meant to write—and be ready to write more!
Rachel Thompson

Hi, I'm rachel Thompson

I created this course for you…

I’m a literary magazine editor (with Room), a published author, and the host of the Lit Mag Love Podcast (For Creative Writers Who Want to Publish). 

I am here to help you write and publish your most luminous work.

Here’s What My Students Say About My Teaching…

I am digging deep into whole new veins of story. Pure gold.

Dawn Hurley-Chapman

Write & Light Student

I just want to say how beautiful your writing is throughout this course. It’s like I can hear your voice urging me on.

Kerrie Penney

Write & Light Student

Well thought-out lessons, excellent reading material (loved the selections), great methodology. I love the insightful personal reflections and notes, the helpful and motivating exercises, and the self-care and accountability support. Honest and vulnerable and inspiring.

Shirley Harshenin

Write & Light Student

​Rachel Thompson is the truth.

Whitney French

Editor, Black Writers Matter

Course Details

Teacup steaming in morning light on a notebook with written pages and with a pink flower-pen on top.The course starts right away and includes ​ten inspiring ​lessons. Each lesson starts with instruction on a theme and curated readings, then moves into motivating preparation and writing assignments. Writers are well-supported with processing and self-care activities.


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Write & Light

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Genres Do you Teach in the Course?

This course in creative writing covers poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction (which includes essays and memoir). Each lesson offers readings in these three main categories, but you can write in any form that fits you. I show you different possibilities for how to write poetry or prose and real or imagined stories that go deeper into the subjects that matter and resonate.

What kind of writing experience is required?

The course is geared for writers who want to add more depth and resonance to their work, but no specific writing experience is required.

What themes are covered in the course?

Here is an outline of the lessons in the course:

  1. Lesson One: Don’t Erase Me—on being “seen” in your writing.
  2. Lesson Two: Writing in a Plague—on writing in difficult times.
  3. Lesson Three: Surprise!—on discovery in your writing.
  4. Lesson Four: Emotional Biography—on writing honest experience and emotional truth.
  5. Lesson Five: Failure—on failure and grace in your writing.
  6. Lesson Six: Inside/Out—on writing from different perspectives.
  7. Lesson Seven: The Shadow—on casting a shadow.
  8. Lesson Eight: Research as Astonishment—on adding more illumination to your writing.
  9. Lesson Nine: Negative Space—on intentionally leaving things out.
  10. Lesson Ten: Spellcasting and Self-Defence—on the magic and power of writing.
When does the course start and end?

The course starts as soon as you sign up! You will have unlimited (lifetime) access to the materials and the course can be done at your own pace. For those who need accountability and deadlines, I have designed it to release lessons on a schedule over 10 days after you sign up in order to keep you motivated and on track to complete each lesson.

Will we share writing in the course?

Because I aim to keep this course as simple and barrier-free as possible (including its price-tag), there is no feedback offered for your writing in the course.

You will be invited to share excerpts from your writing and discuss what you’re learning in the vibrant, private discussion area for each lesson. (Though some writers elect to really embrace their introversion instead, and that’s totally cool, too.)

Can I try before I buy?

Yes! Sign up for one free lesson here.

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