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About Me

I’m Rachel Thompson, a literary magazine editor, a published poet and essayist, but you might call me a creative connector.

I help writers feel confident and ready to reveal their most luminous words.

I know from coaching hundreds of writers that it might feel easier for you to let those pages languish in a drawer, succumbing to the forces of overwhelm and stuckness. Yet, it’s the intimate connection with readers who cherish our words that affirms our soul. (So what’s easier, really? Soul denying?)

I’m someone who loses track of time when I talk with another writer—these days that’s often live, on camera, in webinars and online courses.

My official bio will tell you my collection of poetry, Galaxy, was published by Anvil Press and won SFU’s First Book Competition and that I am an editor with Room magazine.

(My unofficial bio confesses that I like my writing messy and a little wild-eyed.)


Kind words from my students…

"Rachel is a luminous guide offering equal parts gentle prompts and discerning truths."

Deborah Johnstone

Freelance Writer and Editor

“Rachel believes in building and cultivating writing communities.”

Marlena Chertock

Author of Crumb-Sized

“My advice: if you have a chance to learn from  Rachel Thompson, you should take it!”

A.L. Bishop

Fiction Writer