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Your Brilliant Book

a three-month supportive one-on-one connection for you and your manuscript

Let’s spend three months together moving your book project forward with intention, know-how, and care.

Now booking for September 2024

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I’ve seen writers I’ve worked with do brave and beautiful things with their writing… 

  • Re-envision their writing life and boundaries to make space for their creative life’s work
  • Move through self-doubt, comparison, and procrastination to pursue their dreamiest writing goals
  • Become the bravest and most intentional version of themselves in their writing life
  • Finally finish their book
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What are your dreams for your writing life?

  • Do you want clarity about the next steps in your writing journey?
  • Do you want to move forward in a way that feels supportive and sustainable?
  • Do you want to let go of fear and overwhelm so you can write your most luminous words?
  • Do you want to feel deeply supported to hone your craft?
  • Do you want to write a brilliant book without burning out?


Author and Literary Magazine Editor

I spend my days supporting luminous writers like you to write, publish, and shine.

I’m here to help you hone and move forward in your writing, build a sustainable and joyful creative writing practice, and write your most luminous work.

I’ve worked with hundreds of brilliant writers of memoir, lyric essays, fiction, poetry, and hybrid projects, and I’ve seen what’s possible when we’re brave enough to shine the light of our words into the world and to let go of limiting beliefs about our voices and what we are here to say.


Rachel Thompson, slightly smiling with medium, reddish-brown hair, looking up out a window.

​Rachel Thompson is the truth.

Whitney French

Rachel deeply cares about helping emerging and established writers. She believes in building and cultivating writing communities—spaces for writers to meet, share work, get feedback, and grow.

Marlena Chertock

Working with Rachel Thompson transformed my writing by opening avenues to publications, developing community, and furthering my commitment to craft. Rachel is a fantastic mentor.

Rowan McCandless

Rachel Thompson, close-up, looking at the camera and wearing purple-framed glasses and a black shirt.

Here’s what I believe is possible for you…

A writing life that lights you up, a writing practice that is simple and spacious, that feels like coming home, and where you can hone in and grow your writing craft and finish your book.

Here’s what we can shine light on together…

Finding clarity, focus, and direction for your writing practice

Developing and crafting your book-length project

Creating a writing habit that is simple, sustainable, and lights you up

Finding more ease, flow, and fulfillment in your writing life

Developing writing rhythms and routines that give you more momentum and joy in your every day

Unpicking the mindsets that get in the way of your writing

Bringing more intention and purpose to your creative life

Developing a plan of action that you will actually follow through on—and have my support every step of the way too!

Rachel Thompson, slightly smiling with medium, reddish-brown hair, looking up out a window.

So what exactly is Your Brilliant Book?

It’s a three-month connection where together we will roll up our sleeves on your book-length writing project. You’ll stay accountable and send me pages and updates. I will support you to keep you moving forward and review your writing in progress.

Next Booking for September 2024

If you’d love to feel deeply supported in your writing journey, I would be so honoured to work together.

If you’d like to find out more about working together or reserve your coaching spot you can book a discovery call with me. I look forward to connecting with you!

Rachel reviewing manuscript

Here’s What’s Included:

Five Coaching Calls: We will connect in coaching calls to shine light together onto your writing, your beautiful dreams and hopes for your work in progress, and the things that may be holding you back along the way. I’ll walk you through tailored craft exercises and assignments to support you, and hold space for you to really hone in on your writing and attend to yourself and your creative rhythms along the way.

Feedback on Your Writing: During our connection, I will read sections of your manuscript and review of your project with questions to help you go deeper into your writing and prompts/suggestions for where to go next with your work.

Direct Message & Email Support and Guidance When You Need It: I’m always just a DM or email away for whenever you may need accountability, guidance, or encouragement along the way.

A Private Page Just for You: Your page will hold all the recordings of our sessions, intentions, tasks, and action steps we decide on together in each call and further resources. Our work together will all be clearly laid out for you.

Sliding-scale pricing available (see below).

Sliding Scale Details

I offer a sliding scale pricing model in the hopes to provide more access for writers at this moment when so many of us have lost jobs or have had our income drastically reduced. I believe in and trust the model of a sliding scale and believe and trust in all of you who join. I also offer Reconciliation Pricing for BIPOC and/or Trans Writers (see below).

Standard Price Tier For employed or retired writers, writers with access to personal or generational wealth, and writers who want to support my sliding-scale practice. Full price.

Support Tier 1 (5% reduction of total cost)
For recently unemployed writers or writers experiencing reduced income and who do not have access to generational or personal wealth. Applicable to full or monthly payments.

Support Tier 2 (10% reduction of the total cost)
For writers experiencing financial insecurity and who do not have access to personal or generational wealth and/or savings. Limited to one spot each year; please choose another tier if you have the means to do so. Applicable to full or monthly payments.

BIPOC +/ Trans Reconciliation Pricing (20% reduction of total cost)

I offer Reconciliation Pricing in recognition of how colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism concentrates resources and wealth into the hands of the few at the expense of the many.

This pricing is offered ONLY to Black, Indigenous and other writers of colour and transgender writers because systemic racism and transphobia create financial disadvantages for these communities.

Because I can only offer this tier on a very limited basis, if you are a BIPOC and/or trans writer with means or funding, you may wish to choose one of the above sliding-scale tiers instead.

Prices in USD and include applicable taxes.

Answers To Your Questions

How do I know if I’m ready to invest in myself and my writing?

In truth, there’s no perfect answer to this question as it will depend on your circumstances. Whenever the time is right for you I will be right here and so honoured to have the opportunity to support you in your writing journey. You can book a discovery call with me to help you decide if you would like to move your book project forward with intention together.

What type of writers do you work with?

I work with writers working on memoir, lyric essays, fiction, poetry, and hybrid projects. What all of the writers who work with me share in common is they write to reach out to the world with luminous words. I can help you shape and hone your work into the form and genre it wants to be in.

What is expected of me in our connection?

I’m all in with the writers that I work with, so I ask that you’re all in, too.

You will be expected to show up for yourself by showing up in our connection together. You will be expected to dive deep, be present in our connection, accept feedback on your writing, and move forward at a pace that suits you and your circumstances. (We will explore this in our first meeting together.)

What happens once we’ve finished working together?

I continue to celebrate writers who work with me long after we finish working together. I’m always just an email away if you need a encouragement in your journey after our engagement. We also have the option to continue connecting in the Writerly Love Membership Community.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You can reach out to me using the contact form below or email me directly at hello@rachelthompson.co.

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