In this episode, Ellen Chang-Richardson and I both speak as editorial collective members at Room, and as editors of the upcoming issue of Room’s Ghosts issue. That is issue number 46.3, if you’re counting. And submissions are due on January 5, 2023, which is very soon!

Here is our call for submissions:

Come haunt us. Room seeks writers of marginalized genders for poems full of folklore, creative nonfiction on rattling encounters, transient fiction, and other such spirited words. Send us writing and visual art that is acutely aware of the apparitions around us. Show us the spectres, the relationships with revenants, the ancestries of time and place, the imprints, and the echoes. We want your best work in any genre, work that breaks with traditional form, for Room issue 46.3, Ghosts, edited by Rachel Thompson, Ellen Chang-Richardson, Melissa Barrientos, and Lena Belova.

Ellen and I get a little into how things work behind the scenes at Room, and how we (the collective) are many people, all rolling up our sleeves to create space in literature, art, and feminism.

But what you really want to listen for is what we want to see in your submissions to our Ghosts issue. Ellen and I share our relationship to the subject of Ghosts and what we think the theme is about—and also how we want you, writers who submit to the issue, to surprise us with new interpretations of the theme, too.

This episode was recorded live on Zoom in front of writers from my writing community, called Writerly Love. So you will hear us also answer their questions toward the end of our discussion, too.

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