Moving into the copy editing stage is actually my favourite, when you get to work with the authors directly.

—Lue Palmer


In this episode, Rachel Thompson talks to her colleague Lue Palmer about Room magazine.

Lue Palmer is a writer of literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry on Black relationships to nature, the fantastic in the everyday, and the retelling of history among other things. Lue Palmer is a child of the Jamaican diaspora stretching across Canada, the UK, US and the Caribbean. With a bush country heritage, Lue was fed on stories and raised by a river in the north. Published in North America and the Caribbean, Lue is a Bread Loaf Writing Conference alumni, and a Banff Centre Writers’ Studio Artist in Residence alumni.

They start by talking a bit about their working relationship and give a little insight into how things work at Room magazine.

Listen to hear about Lue’s Afrofuturistic writing and insightful notes about what makes the work they accept to an issue work for them.

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