26 // Have Heart and Humility with Jasmine Gui of LooseLeaf Magazine

“I think intersectional community asks us to be open and mindful of difference. It asks us to have a posture of listening that requires a lot of effort, it requires a lot of heart, it requires a lot of humility in many ways. Because we are being asked to really give attention to another person’s experience that we might not have any relationship with. This is a crucial point of connection for me because if we are artists or writers, what we really want is to connect with people.” —Jasmine Gui, Managing Editor, LooseLeaf

Jasmine Gui is the first guest on this upcoming season of podcast episodes. Listen to learn more about Looseleaf Magazine, what she as an editor looks for in submissions, common problems with submissions received by Looseleaf, and how she mixes her art practice with her primary identity as a poet.

You’ll learn a lot about writing from this wonderful editor and mixed-media artist.

About LooseLeaf Magazine
LooseLeaf is a bi-annual magazine based in Toronto, that features content produced by pan-Asian (they focus on South, South-East, East, Mixed) creators such as visual arts, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, reviews, artists and culture. Its inception is the result of the desire to build a place for Asian.Canadian (emerging) artists to publish, and a platform to embolden and make visible the Asian.Canadian artist community.

Canadian Art often carries an implied whiteness, both structural and representational; LooseLeaf is here to shift that implication. They want to reach young Asian.Canadian adults who have abandoned the arts for various reasons.

They want to be present as Asian.Canadian artists in Canadian.Global art.

If you are an Asian-identifying creator in traditional or non-traditional forms, LooseLeaf asks that you please send them your work!

About Managing Editor, Jasmine Gui

Born in Singapore, raised in Suzhou and then Hong Kong, Jasmine Gui currently lives and works in Toronto. She is the Founder of Project 40 Collective, and the Managing Editor at LooseLeaf Magazine. Her writing has been published by ricepaper, Hart House Review, text, Acta Victoriana, Red Paint Hill, (parenthetical), and more. She loves and reads with the literary diaspora.

Host: Rachel Thompson
Sound Editor: Mica Lemiski
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