Welcome back to a new year of Write, Publish, and Shine. This episode marks the first genre episode this year and is part of my plan to thread deep dives into specific creative writing forms throughout the podcast all year.

Many of us set a goal to write more at the turn of the calendar year—I’m raising my hand along with the rest of you. And one form that can be rather accessible to those getting back into writing and especially those who have trouble finding the time to write, is Flash Memoir, meaning personal stories that are fewer than 1000 words, and often a lot shorter, as short as a few words, or 300, or 100, as you’ll hear about in this conversation.

Joining me is Lina Lau, who describes herself as a writer, mother, and owner of too many notebooks and has published short memoir in X-R-A-Y, Prairie Fire, Hippocampus (where she is now a reader as well), Carte Blanch, and Little Fiction/Big Truths.

We talk about how flash memoir writing captures a moment, how Lina reads a 100-word story and brings us into the experience of writing it, and also about the characteristics required of memoirists.

All in an authentic and open way, as Lina is one of those gifted writers who is very frank and unpretentious about her writing and experiences in creating flash creative nonfiction.

Flash memoir

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