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Writerly Love

a membership community for emerging writers

Connect in a warm community.
Write your most luminous words.
Publish and shine.

Rachel Thompson INFP

Hone your craft & Keep Writing with the Support of a luminous writing community

The Writerly Love Community is a warm, inclusive, and supportive space for creative writers to get together, learn about writing, build connections, and grow a luminous writing career.


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This Community is For...

  • Writers who want to improve and publish their writing.
    This community best fits writers ready to make their words better and share them with the world. (Committed brand-new writers are welcome, too!)
  • Writers willing to do the work to grow and hone their craft.
    We work together to banish imposter syndrome and ego.
  • Open-minded, curious, and compassionate writers.
    We cherish the diverse backgrounds and life paths of the writers in our community.
  • Warm and approachable writers.
    We enthusiastically share experiences and resources.
A sketched heart.

How good would it feel to get the support and momentum you need for your writing?

Registration opens September 1

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Rachel Thompson INFP

Hello, I’m Rachel Thompson

Author and Literary Magazine Editor

I feel your ache to share your truest, bravest, most heartfelt writing. And I love that, because:

I am here to help you write, publish, and shine!

I come alive when I connect with writers and help them develop their craft quickly, bringing their writing to amazing (highly-publishable) new levels.

If you’re ready to learn and grow, to trust yourself and an open and honest writer who has got your back (that’s me!), I’d love to have you join the Writerly Love membership community.

What writers say about the Writerly Love Community...

In Writerly Love, I have honed in on my strengths and voice.

Teri Kinne

Writerly Love Workshop Member

Rachel’s kind and wise instruction, her asynchronous learning format, and the beautiful group of writers she attracts will keep you going through the darkest nights of the soul.

Lacey Yong

Writerly Love Workshop Member

Rachel Thompson is the truth.

Whitney French

Writerly Love Workshop Member

Rachel Thompson

Registration opens September 1

Join the waitlist to be notified...

Program Details

Registration only opens once in 2022, in September.

There are two membership levels, depending on the support and commitment you seek…

Community Level

Community is for writers looking for access to a warm writing community and motivation to write.

Workshop Level

Workshop is for writers looking for more support, resources, and feedback on their writing and platform.

All Community Members Receive

Members meeting over the web

Private Community Access

Our community platform on Slack is the hub  where you can chat with other writers, ask questions, lend support, discuss our book club books and celebrate.

Members meeting over the web

Weekly Group Writing Sessions

Join other members live in guided writing sessions each week with writing warm up exercises and prompts.

Two people sitting at a computer, facing a large window.

Expert Guest Q&A Calls

Ask your burning writing and publishing questions in group calls with publishing industry professionals.

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Full-access to our library

Members can access ALL of our past guest calls, lessons on craft and platform building in our growing video and resource library.

Writer reading books on the floor

Craft Book Club

We dive deep into books on craft and discuss how to apply them to our writing together with prompts, creative reading, and live discussions.

Members meeting over the web

Member Connection Calls

Discuss challenges and celebrate wins, learn and share with other writers in these monthly calls based on writerly topics.

Workshop members Also Get…

Writer member writing on workbook

Peer Writing Workshop 4x/year

Workshop members continuously hone their skills with warm and inclusive live group peer writing critique workshops.

Woman writing on her notebook

The Revision Love Course

The Revision Love course helps workshop members become more skillful editors of their own writing.


Teacup steaming in morning light on a notebook with written pages and with a pink flower-pen on top.

The Write & Light Course

The Write & Light course helps workshop members generate their most luminous words with inspiring creative-writing lessons.


Writer working happily on her laptop

The Platform Sparkle Course

Learn to build a writerly “brand” with concrete lessons and support to show up and shine.

After three years, Workshop Members never pay again.

(Their membership converts to lifetime access.)

The support of this group makes me feel brave

Kimberly Peterson

Writerly Love Workshop Member

I am getting better at revising my work, I also sort-of overcame my fear of rejection (sort-of) and I’m submitting more, I’m able to see my own “brand” more clearly. During the intense, initial stages of the pandemic I was also able to express myself through writing as a result of the live guided writing sessions (which had the added benefit of making me feel less lonely).

Lyndall Cain

Writerly Love Workshop Member

A sketched heart.

We write alone, but we keep writing with the help of a community of writers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which membership level is right for me?

Writerly Love has two membership levels, depending on what you need for your writing...

The Community membership level is for writers looking for access to a warm writing community, motivation to write, and resources. Writers in this level meet all the members in our private community space, join weekly group-writing sessions, discuss our monthly craft reading, join live calls with luminous guests, and have access to our library of resources.

The Workshop membership level is for writers looking for all the Community-level offers, plus feedback on their writing in quarterly workshops. Workshop-level members also get access to all lessons and support from the Revision Love, Platform Sparkle, and Write & Light courses.

I’m New to Writing—Is Writerly Love for Me?

Writerly Love is a best fit for writers ready to hone their voice and start publishing their writing. You could be ready to take that step even if you’ve just started writing—and if this is the case, you’re welcome to join us.

Is Writerly Love only for women?

While it’s true that Writerly Love members are primarily women and nonbinary writers, all genders are welcome.

The most important qualities we seek in members are open-mindedness, curiosity, warmth, and compassion.

Is this Writerly Love only for introverts?

It is true that most of our members are introverted and many (including Rachel) fall into the rare INFP category in the Myers-Briggs’ personality system.

Let’s just say that introverted writers will find their introversion well catered-to in this community, but extroverted writers are most welcome to join in, too.

What if I want more support and want to work more directly with Rachel?

If you want more support and are ready to work on a book-length project, Rachel also offers a three-month intensive program called The Whole Book that is exclusively open to Writerly Love members.

What payment options are available?

I offer monthly and annual payment plans for each membership level.

Workshop-level memberships are $77/month. (If you choose an annual plan, you will save $49/year.)

Community-level memberships are $47/month. (If you choose an annual plan, you will save $35/year.)

All plans automatically renew to the credit card or PayPal account used for your first purchase. You can update your payment methods anytime within the membership website.

Workshop-level plans convert lifetime memberships after three years of payments. (Members will never pay again after three years and continue to enjoy all the workshop-level membership benefits.)

Do you offer sliding-scale pricing?

Yes! New in 2021, the program includes sliding-scale pricing in the hopes to provide more access for writers at this moment when so many of us have lost jobs or have had our income drastically reduced. See the pricing scale above for all the details.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you sign-up, you’re committing to a month or a year of membership. You can cancel anytime and if you do your membership will not renew and you will not be charged on your next payment date.

All membership payments are non-refundable.

Can I change my membership level after I join?

Yes! You can change between membership levels in your membership account area.

Am I ready to take this step for my writing?

You read all the FAQs and made it to the bottom of this LONG page, somaybe you answered your own question. (Yes!)

Questions? Use this form to ask me!

Rachel is a luminous guide offering equal parts gentle prompts and discerning truths.

Deborah Johnstone

Pushcart Prize Nominee

Rachel deeply cares about helping emerging and established writers. She believes in building and cultivating writing communities—spaces for writers to meet, share work, get feedback, and grow.

Marlena Chertock

Author of Crumb Sized

Working with Rachel Thompson transformed my writing by opening avenues to publications, developing community, and furthering my commitment to craft. Rachel is a fantastic mentor.

Rowan McCandless

Gold Winner National Magazine Award ”One of a Kind Storytelling ”