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Is Writerly Love right for you?

If you want to reach some big goals with your writing this year, but need accountability to see them through, I’ve built this community for you. Writerly Love is flexible so that you can incorporate it into your writing life. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can do the lessons and connect in our warm community of writers whenever it works for you.

Yes, It’s for you…

…if you’ve set writing goals but found you lacked the accountability you needed to see it through.

…if you’ve wondered if there is a place for your voice in the sea of writing out there already.

…if you want to build momentum for your writing practice.

…if you feel stuck or stagnant and want guidance on how to bring your writing to the next level.

…if you want to make time for your writing, but somehow never manage the time to do it.

…if you want to make vital writing connections and learn writing-career essentials from publishing experts.


What writers say about our community

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Monthly Themes

This is an ongoing, monthly program where we alternate lessons on writing craft, platform, and publishing with guided writing sessions, and feedback.

Here are some of the themes in Writerly Love: 

SET GOALS You keep

Set goals and build a system for you to achieve those goals in the months ahead.


Learn how to give and get feedback—including what to do with the feedback you receive for your writing. And workshop your writing in a small group (workshop-level members only).

writerly PLATFORM

Building your writing presence online and a personalized plan to connect with readers and promote your writing.

writing difference

Learn techniques and best practices for writing characters and settings from cultures and experiences that are not yours.

Voice & speaking

Techniques to read your work aloud and the different kinds of reading your work requires.


Uncover the deeper meaning in your writing and discover new themes you can explore in your work.


Guided sessions that help you write work that uses all the senses and deeply connect with your readers.


How to revise and simplify your writing, solve problems in your manuscript. Plus how to identify and amplify energetic places in your work.

Preparation to publish

Concrete steps to take so you can find an agent or publisher to champion your writing.

Character & setting

Uncover your characters (fictional or real) and how place and time impacts them.

building a writing website

A guided workshop to teach you how to create your own website, with lots of support for writers who don’t feel tech savvy.

deeper writing

Create more possibility for connection with readers, and find more satisfaction as you write and reach essential truths in your work.

“Rachel is a luminous guide offering equal parts gentle prompts and discerning truths.”

Deborah Johnstone

Pushcart-Prize nominee

“Rachel deeply cares about helping emerging and established writers.
She believes in building and cultivating writing communities—spaces for writers to meet, share work, get feedback, and grow.”

Marlena Chertock

Author of Crumb-Sized

“If you have a chance to learn from Rachel Thompson, you should take it!”

Amanda Bishop

Fiction writer

Set Shuter: From imposter syndrome to her most productive (and confident) year of writing!

“Before Writerly Love, my writing practice was sporadic and I suffered from imposter syndrome. I never had the chance to enroll in an MFA program, so I felt isolated and lost, with no clear path to finding my place in any writing community. I also believed my work wasn’t good enough to have real writers read it, let alone have something published.

Since joining Writerly Love and completing the monthly lessons, I’ve developed a daily writing practice and made writer friends who are local to me, as well as a few around the world. To my surprise, this past year was by far the most productive one I’ve ever had: I wrote an autobiographical stage show and an accompanying book of essays, learned how to edit my work through monthly lessons and workshops, and polished a short story for submission that I’d abandoned.

Now, I feel more confident than ever about my writing and have found my place in a supportive community. Writerly Love has helped me focus on my writing, develop my personal brand as a writer, and reminded me that my work is worth reading.”

Set Shuter

Writerly Love Member

Lynn Trudeau: room to love, grow and tell Her story!

“Do you find yourself skipping your daily writing practice or doubting your ability? Do you have that idea for a novel floating somewhere in the back of your mind but don’t yet know how to coax it onto the starkness of the blank page?
This was me before joining the Writerly Love writing community. I relied solely on my hometown writing group to review my manuscripts once every six months and in between those times I was flying solo.

This online writing community that Rachel created provides support and encouragement to follow my writing dreams. Whether it’s a desire to increase submissions to lit mags, get reviews on manuscripts in-progress, hear about other writer’s challenges and how they meet them and/or most of all to continuously expose myself to productive writing energy and practices, this platform supports my writing aspirations.

I work on each month’s lesson at my own pace and I especially like the videos and worksheets that Rachel develops to present each new theme. The quarterly workshops have increased the amount of writing that I’m ready to publish. The most recent lesson on creating an author platform has truly inspired me to risk dreaming about writing a novel.

On a macro level, being a member of the Writerly Love community has allowed me to see less differences and more similarities between me and all writers who strive to carve out time to WRITE by prioritizing writing into their busy lives.

Rachel uses her deeply engaging style to interview editors, agents and authors on a wide variety of topics. Listening to these helps me to keep an eye on the larger world where writers meet publishing goals.

Standout examples of interviews for me over the last year are: the author of Breathing the Page, Betsy Warland speaking about deep revision of manuscripts and also Room Magazine’s publisher, Meghan Bell discussing the magazine’s behind the scene process of reading submissions as well as leveraging lit mag publishing to book publishing. She also explains the chances of publishing submissions in literary magazines via contests vs open submissions. Each interview is packed with gems to whet any creative writing appetite and also to answer nuts and bolts questions.

The heart of Writerly Love is the relationships that bloom between writers. These interactions are invaluable to me. And I can’t thank the writers enough for their kindness, patience and willingness to pay forward what they’ve been given because in Writerly Love there’s always room to love, grow and tell your story!”

Lynn Trudeau

Writerly Love Member

some of our Publishing Professional Guests

Our program guests in the Writerly Love community are writing and publishing professionals, including:

Betsy Warland
Author of a dozen books of poetry, creative nonfiction, and lyric prose.

Léonicka Valcius
Transatlantic Agency

Lilly Dancyger
Memoir Editor at Narratively, and the Burn It Down anthology

Doretta Lau
Author of How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?

Carrianne Leung
Author of The Wondrous Woo and That Time I Loved You.

Meghan Bell
Former Publisher, Room.

Maya Marshall
Senior Editor, [PANK].

Miranda Pearson
Author of four poetry collections.

M. Paramita Lin
Writer, editor, personal branding expert.


Sarah Rhea Werner
Writer, podcaster, encourager.

Kim Davids Mandar
Bookish Radio co-host.

Jennifer Neal
Journalist, author, stand-up comedian.

How the Writerly Love Community Works

Each month we have either a lesson on a theme, a guided writing session, or an opportunity to exchange writing for feedback. We have a guest interview you can attend live every second month. Throughout the year, writers check in and can get answers to their questions in our private course community, or in our quarterly live check-in call.

Here’s What the Program Looks Like at a glance:

one lesson, Guided session or exchange every month

Each month we alternate between a lesson related to writing craft, a lesson on building a writing platform, guided writing sessions, and small group writing workshops (workshop-level only) or opportunities to exchange work with other writers.

Throughout each month, emails, worksheets, guided audio writing prompts, and guest interviews will add to your learning and support you as you follow through on the goals you set for your writing.

Lessons are designed to take two to four hours per month to complete, at your own pace.

6+ expert interviews/year

Every other month we host one or two experts in that month’s theme—from writing craft specifics to building a writing platform.

You’ll often have the option to join the interview live and ask our questions directly to our expert guests.

Quarterly live calls

Join me four times per year for a live call where you can ask me about our lessons and discuss your progress or challenges.

Writers don’t need to come live, to benefit from the support and accountability in the course. You can submit a question ahead of time, watch the call replay, and interact with me in our community platform.

Private community

Throughout the year you’ll get access to a private community (on Slack) where you can connect and share what you’re learning with other writers.

Get accountability, share your wins, swap ideas, and find encouragement when you need it.

Set and reach goals

Stay on track with your writing goals in monthly reflections tailored to your writing life. Each month you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on and improve your writing practice to stay on track for your goals. 


yearly Personal manuscript consultation (workshop-level only)

Once each year, you’ll get a manuscript consultation with me—a personal call to discuss your writing. I will make suggestions on how to revise your work and where to send it for publication.

This is FREE for workshop-level subscribers (after paying a year-long subscription or after the anniversary of each monthly subscription).  

Hello, I’m Rachel!

Author and literary magazine editor

I feel your ache to share your truest, bravest, most heart-felt writing. I love that, because…


I am here to help you write and publish your most luminous words.

Rachel's a great teacher. I REALLY appreciate her down-to-earth style.

Sarah Rhea Werner

Host of The Write Now Podcast

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Community Level

Get access to the warm community of writers, accountability, and all the lessons, guides, guest videos, guided writing sessions, past, present, and future.


Direction to make and keep your writing goals
A lesson, guided prompt or opportunity to exchange your work for feedback each month
Quarterly group calls to check-in on your progress
Interviews with experts every other month (6+/year)
Monthly goal setting and accountability
A community where you can connect with other writers who are also focusing on bringing their writing to the next level
Automatic lifetime membership if you decide to stay in the program for three years.


Or save $69 and register for $199/six months.
(Price in USD and includes any required taxes.)

Workshop Level

Get all the community-level benefits, PLUS join small-group workshops three times per /year, and get a personal review on a short story, essay, or suite of poems from me each year.


All the benefits of community membership, PLUS:
A guided small-group workshop to get reviews of your writing three times per year.
A manuscript review each year of your membership

Or save $55 and register for $299/six months.
(Price in USD and includes any required taxes.)

Note: For all levels you can cancel at any time, and you’ll never pay again after three consecutive years in the program. (And you’ll keep getting new content.)


How much does the membership cost?

There are three membership-levels for Writerly Love: Community, Workshop, and Program.

Community-level members get access to the lessons, guides, guest videos and prompts, past, present, and future. Community-level memberships cost $39/month (or $399/year).

Workshop-level participants get all of the above, and can also partake in small, guided workshop groups 3x per year, and personal reviews of short manuscripts each year in the program. Workshop-level memberships cost $59/month (or $599/year).

[COMING SOON: Book Launch-level participants get access to everything in the community and workshop levels, plus get feedback on a book-length manuscript, monthly calls to discuss their project, may join small group writing courses on craft, and get personal consultations on  their writing platform development. Book Launch-level memberships cost $99/month (or $999/year).]

All prices are in USD.

Note, you can cancel your membership at any time, however if you remain a member for three years, you will never pay again after three consecutive years in the program. (Your membership will convert to a lifetime membership and you’ll keep getting all the community-level benefits—new content and ongoing support in the community for the lifetime of the program.)

Do you offer scholarships?

There are currently three scholarships available for one year of the program at 50% of the cost. Email me at hello@rachelthompson.co to request an application form.

What’s the daily and monthly time commitment?

To take advantage of all the resources provided (videos, accountability, live calls, worksheets, and community engagement), you’ll need about 2-4 hours per month, depending on your pace and preferences. I’ve created this program with a balance of both structure and flexibility, so it’s easy for writers to fit into a busy schedule.

Is it possible to sign up for just a few months of this program by choosing the monthly fee option?

Yes, you can cancel at any time on the monthly fee option and restart your membership when you’re ready again.

Note, if you decide to remain a member for three years, you will never pay again after three consecutive years in the program. (Your membership converts to a lifetime membership.)

is this program only for those new to writing?

The Community and Workshop membership levels are for writers both new to writing and writers with some experience and sucess with writing.

Our community is diverse in age and experience. You will feel at ease and included no matter what you’re writing and what stage you are at in your writing life. You set goals that fit you and we help you reach them with gentle guidance and encouragement.

The Program membership level is geared toward emerging writers who have started on a book-length project (including chapbooks, linked essays, and novellas).

Do I need to have a Facebook account to join the community?

Absolutely not! Our online community is in a private application called Slack, and our conversation stays between us.

Will the membership community Help me truly build relationships with other writers?

Yes! Registration only opens three times per year and I give time for you to get to know one another before we workshop your writing in small groups. It’s truly the warmest writers who join this community, and I know you’ll make lifelong writing-connections that will help you grow and develop in your community of writers.

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