Writerly Love is a membership program that will help you develop the skills and confidence to publish your most brilliant writing.

It’s also a community that will nourish you as an artist. (These things are related.)

Registration will open on March 27!

Take your writing to the next level in with a warm community of writers

Just because we write alone, doesn’t mean we’re resigned to a lonely writing life.

I really believe that for most writers, connecting to a community of writers will help us reach and surpass our goals, and I created Writerly Love with this in mind.

The membership program includes support, guidance, and accountability to help you reach your dreamiest writing goals this year.

Is Writerly Love right for you?

I’ve taught hundreds of writers strategies and coached them to develop the mindset they need to publish their writing. I’m thrilled to say that what I teach works—writers who work with me and follow my lessons, go on to publish brilliant writing.

If you want to reach some big goals with your writing this year, but need accountability to see them through, I’ve built this community for you. Writerly Love is flexible so that you can incorporate it into your writing life. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can do the lessons and connect in our warm community of writers whenever it works for you.

Yes, It’s for you…

…if you’ve set writing goals but found you lacked the accountability you needed to see it through.

…if you’ve wondered if there is a place for your voice in the sea of writing out there already.

…if you want to build momentum for your writing practice.

…if you want to try a fresh approach to set and meet your writing goals.

…if you feel stuck or stagnant and want guidance on how to bring your writing to the next level.

…if you want to make time for your writing, but somehow never manage the time to do it.

…if you want to make vital writing connections and learn writing-career essentials from publishing experts.


Lesson Themes

Every month we will also have a lesson on the following themes. We’ll also have an accountability check-in and a live call, where I answer your questions. And in our online community, I will help you set and achieve big goals for your writing.

Three months per year you can workshop your writing, and lessons that month will focus on a specific craft aspect, suitable for fiction, nonfiction, poetic, and hybrid forms.



Write a writer’s manifesto, set goals and build a system for you to achieve those goals in the year ahead.


Learn to write your most urgent work that deeply connects with readers.


Uncover the deeper meaning in your writing and discover new themes you can explore in your work.


Supporting yourself with writing grants and earnings, plus accounting for writers.


Focus on revising your writing and solve problems in your manuscript.


Reading package with a focus on specific craft lessons.


Building your writing presence online and a personalized plan to connect with readers and promote your writing.


Finding an agent or editor who will champion your writing.

“Rachel is a luminous guide offering equal parts gentle prompts and discerning truths.”

Deborah Johnstone, Freelance Writer and Editor

Monthly Publishing Professional Guests

Guest details coming soon…
for now I’ll just say these will be inspiring and amazing writers and publishing professionals I can’t wait to introduce you to.

How the Writerly Love Community Works

Each month has a chosen theme that will include a lesson and a guest interview. At the beginning of the month, you will set goals in our online community thread for this, and we’ll review how you did the month prior. Three months per year we will do an online workshop in three genres, where you will share your work for feedback and we you can also join a live discussion about writing in your genre.

And every month you can join a live call with me to ask questions and check in on your progress.

Here’s What the Program Looks Like this year:

A lesson each month

Every month you’ll get a lesson (or lessons) related to that month’s theme. Throughout the month, emails, PDF worksheets, and guest interview videos will add to your learning and support you as you follow through with the goals you set for your writing. Lessons are designed to take about 4 hours per month to complete.

15+ expert interviews/Year

Every month you’ll get a video interview with one or two experts in that month’s theme. You’ll often have the option to join the interview live so you may ask our guest questions directly.

Monthly live calls with me

Join me every month for a live call where you can ask me anything and share your progress or challenges for that month. Unable to join the call live? You can submit a question ahead of time and watch the recording later.

personal manuscript consultation

Once per year, you’ll get a manuscript consultation with me—a one-hour call where we discuss your writing and I make suggestions on how to revise it and where to publish it.

Private community

Throughout the year you’ll get access to a private community where you can connect and share what you’re learning with other writers. Get accountability, share your wins, swap ideas, and find encouragement when you need it.

Set and reach goals

Stay on track with your writing goals in monthly reflections and exercises tailored to your writing life. Each month you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on and improve your writing practice to stay on track for your goals. 

Who am I?


I’m Rachel Thompson, a literary magazine editor, published poet and essayist. You could call me a creative connector.

I help writers feel develop the skills, confidence, and community they need to publish their writing.

My official bio will tell you my collection of poetry, Galaxy, was published by Anvil Press and that I am an editor with Room magazine.

My unofficial bio will confess that I like my writing messy and a little wild-eyed. (I want to feel you, writer, out there, pulsing in the pages.)

 I’m someone who loses track of time when I talk with another writer—these days that’s often live on camera, in programs such as this one. Care to get caught up in an inspiring moment with me?

Registration opens again

March 2019


Instructions on how to make and keep your writing goals
A lesson each month
Monthly live calls with me to check on your progress
Monthly interviews with experts (15+/year)
Monthly goal setting and accountability
An annual manuscript review with me
A community where you can connect with other writers who are also focusing on bringing their writing to the next level


What’s the daily and monthly time commitment?

To take advantage of all the resources provided (videos, goal tracking, live calls, worksheets, and community engagement), you’ll need about 1-2 hours per week, depending on your pace and preferences. I’ve created this program with a balance of both structure and flexibility, so it’s easy for writers to fit into a busy schedule.

Is it possible to sign up for just a few months of this program by choosing the monthly fee option?

Yes, you can cancel at any time on the monthly fee option. Registration will open just a few times per year, and you would be able to join again if you’d like when registration opens again. The only downside is you would lose access to some of the digital archive of lessons and interviews—”new” members would get access to new content moving forward, plus a couple core lessons.

is this program for those new to writing?

Absolutely. Our community is diverse in age and experience. You will feel at ease and included no matter what you’re writing and what stage you are at in your writing life. You set goals that fit you and we help you reach them with gentle guidance and encouragement.

Do I have to have a Facebook account to join the community?

No. Our online community is in a private application called Slack, so our conversation is truly private and between us.

Will the membership community be small enough for me to truly build relationships with other writers?

Registration for the community will be kept to a size that promotes interaction and sharing between members and there will also be opportunities to connect in small groups during our workshop months.

Still Have Questions?