Welcome back to the Write, Publish, and Shine Podcast!

How’s your September going so far?

You may have noticed that this podcast has been on hiatus! It’s back now after a lengthier summer break.

My September has been wildly busy, but I’m cultivating my chill as I work with writers in my membership community—which is only open for registration for a few more days—and work on my own writing.

I use the word chill because it’s resonant as both the title of the project my guest Karina Kupp created, chill subs, and the way she clearly is someone great at being both very chill and very busy.

In this episode, I’m most impressed by her care for writers and willingness to be frank, honest, and transparent about how hard it is to submit to journals. (”No one know what they’re doing, really!”) Chill Subs is making the submissions process much easier and less stressful. That’s the mission statement on this database of places to send your writing. Well, that’s what it started as and it’s already growing into a bigger resource for writers.


After listening, think about what your vibe is like right now. Maybe you’re just chilling here? Or do you want to chill about submissions and get over the exhaustion and overwhelm you feel when submitting? I am a chill subs mission evangelist, as you can see! Check them out, really. You don’t need to be an INFP like us to benefit, but I suspect a lot of you listening are.

Links and Resources from this Episode:

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