36 // The Nasiona—Persuade with Julián Esteban Torres López

“Editing is a position of power that I take seriously. I’m a writer, author, creative in different ways and I experienced the negativity of being a victim of systems of oppression,” Julián Esteban Torres López.

Julián Esteban Torres López is a Colombian-born journalist, publisher, podcaster, and editor. Before founding the nonfiction storytelling organization The Nasiona, he ran several cultural and arts organizations, edited journals and books, was a social justice and public history researcher, wrote a column for Colombia Reports, taught university courses, and managed a history museum. He’s a Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fictions nominee and has written two books on social justice. Torres López holds a bachelor’s in philosophy and in communication and a master’s in justice studies from University of New Hampshire and was a Ph.D. candidate at University of British Columbia Okanagan, where he focused on political science and Latin American studies. @JE_Torres_Lopez

The Nasiona is a nonfiction storytelling organization that amplifies the marginalized, undervalued, overlooked, and forgotten voices and experiences of our communities. Guided by a social justice compass, they cultivate the seeds of nonfiction through a podcast, publishing house, and creative nonfiction magazine, as well as by offering editing services and an internship program. They are currently focusing on the following story topics: being mixed-race, LGBTQIAA+, diaspora and immigration, and womanhood and trauma.

In an age when telling the difference between reality and delusion is frighteningly labyrinthine, they focus on creative works based on facts, truth-seeking, human concerns, real events, and real people, with a personal touch.


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