Literary Mama believes that all mothers have a story worth sharing and honors the many faces of motherhood by publishing work that celebrates the journey as well as the job.

They celebrate the physical, psychological, intellectual, and spiritual processes of becoming a mother through words and images that may be so stark it hurts. They welcome perspectives that challenge them to examine motherhood through a variety of lenses. And are not afraid of publishing work that crosses boundaries of race, gender, age, or income.

Felicity Landa earned her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and Literature from CSU Long Beach in 2013, where she was awarded the Horn scholarship for her novel. She is currently an MFA student in Fiction and Screenwriting at UC Riverside Palm Desert. She serves as fiction editor for Literary Mama and nonfiction editor for The Coachella Review. She spends her time reading, writing, editing, and raising her daughter, in Santa Barbara, California, where she lives with her family. 

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