28 // Know Who Your Readers Are (And Are Not) with Caroline Knecht of Whiskey Island

About Whiskey Island
Founded in 1977, Whiskey Island is a nonprofit literary journal published by Cleveland State University. They accept submissions of original poetry, fiction, and creative essays during two reading periods: August 15th through November 15th, and January 15th through April 15th.

About Editor-In-Chief, Caroline Knecht
Caroline Knecht is a writer and editor based in Cleveland. She has published one book of nonfiction (The Rock ‘N’ Roll Exterminator, Skyhorse 2010), one short story (in Stirring: A Literary Collection), and is currently workshopping a full-length play. She is an MFA candidate at Cleveland State University, where she is editor-in-chief of Whiskey Island. You can find her on Twitter @carolineknecht.

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