24 // Share Intimacy with Doyali Islam of Arc Poetry Magazine

In this episode of Lit Mag Love: A podcast for creative writers who want to publish, host Rachel Thompson interviews Doyali Islam from Arc magazine.

Their conversation covers offering an emotional truth and creating some kind of intimacy with the readers. They also discuss how poets and readers of poetry feel a sense of belonging through poem. Doyali is someone who recites her favourite poems to keep herself company as she moves invisibly about the city. If you spot her in her cat-print dress, though, she would love to connect with you and tells us just how to do so!

Doyali Islam is Poetry Editor at Arc Poetry Magazine. Her second poetry book, heft, is forthcoming from McClelland & Stewart in Spring 2019. In 2017, Doyali was a guest on CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition and was a National Magazine Award finalist. She lives in Toronto.

Arc seeks the brave new voices, and features poetry that is woozy, cunning, shearing and wildlike, and prose that offers new perspectives on the verse you thought you knew.

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Host: Rachel Thompson
Sound Editor: Mica Lemiski
Presented by Room magazine and the Lit Mag Love Course

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