An online independent literary magazine dedicated to the publication of new and innovative writing, The Gravity of theThing has been named one of thirty best online magazines in 2016 (Bookfox) and one of fifteen best literary journals of 2015 (Authors Publish Magazine). We publish work that is aware of its literary form, writing that defamiliarizes in craft or content for an enhanced rendering of reality.

Since 2006, Thea Prieto has edited for Counterpoint Press, the Berkeley Fiction Review, the Portland Review, and The Chiron Journal: Anthology of Interdisciplinary Media. She teaches creative writing at Portland State University, including the courses Creative Writing Through Guided Meditation and Introduction to Horror Fiction.

Quotes from the Episode

“The song functions as a prompt, and then I kind of leave it behind as the story starts to realize itself.”
“I definitely… was interested in defamiliarizing not just characterization, but also the way readers engage with writing in general.”
“Just because a piece is published doesn’t mean it becomes stationary or stagnant.”
“It could be overwhelming sometimes how many ways a story can be correct and different at the same time.”
“It’s really revealing what the form, how that constraint of just six words… how it sometimes forces writers into a similar spot.”
“I would encourage writers to think about the ways that their story is constructed and how that might complement or clash with or in any way enlighten the contents of their piece.”

Episode Credits

Host: Rachel Thompson
Audio Editor: Meghan Bell
Production & Research Assistant: Gulnaz Saiyed
Produced by Room magazine and Rachel Thompson

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