The Forge Literary Magazine was founded by volunteers from the Fiction Forge, an international online writers’ forum, which counts amongst its members and alumni winners of numerous literary awards, including the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, the Bridport Prize, the Bristol Short Story Prize and the Pinch Literary Award in Fiction. Former members’ novels have been published by Bloomsbury, Chatto & Windus, Sceptre, Headline and Little, Brown. The Forge staff share editorial duties equally and pay their contributors. Their taste is wide-ranging and eclectic. The Forge Literary Magazine is a project of Forge Literary Press, a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of California.

John Haggerty is the Founding Editor of the Forge Literary Magazine. His work has appeared in a variety of print and online publications. His novel, Calamity Springs, is currently looking for a home.

Quotes from the Episode

“The first story I ever had published was a runner-up for the Bridport prize in the UK. I thought at the time it was maybe the only thing I’d ever get published.”
“All that time I spent workshopping other people’s stories really helped me become a better editor. In essence, it’s the same skill.”
“When I think something’s about 90% done, it’s really 50% done.”
“I think if you’re not working to expose something deep and scary, then in a sense, you’ve already failed.

Episode Credits

Host: Rachel Thompson
Audio Editor: Meghan Bell
Production & Research Assistant: Gulnaz Saiyed
Produced by Room magazine and Rachel Thompson

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