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We Believe Everyone Can Be a Writer
We actively include writers across any and all intersections, including age, class, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, and dis/ability.

We Listen to One Another and Respect Difference
We avoid imposing our perspective by listening actively, keeping awareness of silencing techniques that we actively avoid. We sit with feedback that feels uncomfortable or challenging. And we talk about the “text”—meaning what is there in the writing, communication, and not what we assume is there.

We Lead with Compassion
We start each interaction by assuming the best intentions. We take the time to consider what is being said. We are generous with our support and don’t keep score.

But We Also Have Zero Tolerance for Hate
This is a safe space for you to be you, and responded to with kindness, openness, and care. Any degrading, mean, overly negative, or repeatedly silencing messages may be subject to removal and a private message will be sent to inform the writer. Repeated messages may result in removal from the membership or course community.

We Practice Self-Trust and Self Care
We heed the invitation to take care of ourselves along with one another. We know that everything we do in our community is optional—we take what serves us and leave what doesn’t. We know ourselves and our writing best.

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