Hi, I'm Rachel Thompson

You’re here, luminous writer. I feel your ache to share your truest, bravest, most heart-felt writing. I love that, because…

I am here to help you write and publish your most luminous words.

To do this, I share free resources in the form of articles and love letters to luminous writers, and I teach courses on writing, self-editing, and getting published.

Rachel Thompson

I believe you already have all you need to write:

The bravery to reveal your voice.

The tenacity to go for your dream.

The self-trust to stay true to your heart.

If you’re ready to believe you can be a luminous author, then read on…

Rachel Thompson

Where I come from, there was a lot of shushing and stoppering that made me yearn to be truly seen and heard.

Writing is where I express my hidden feelings and observations. 

As writers, we get to live fuller lives.

By writing honestly and attentively, we are genuinely seen and can see others.

About Me

As a child, I drew a self-portrait of myself as a bottle full of inky swirls, pushing toward the top, where a giant stopper held everything tightly inside.

This is to say, I have always felt flooded by emotions and full of swirling ideas.

It is also to say…I have long felt silenced.

Where I come from, there was a lot of shushing and stoppering that made me yearn to be truly seen and heard.

So, like many quiet children, I turned to books.

I could live loudly and vicariously in their pages and did until an elementary-school teacher encouraged me to write.

Writing became the place where I expressed my hidden feelings and observations.

I grew up, got an English degree, and built a career in communications. I continued creative writing on and off over the years until I landed in the poetry and lyric prose program at Simon Fraser University, The Writer’s Studio. There the program founder, Betsy Warland, taught me my most important lesson about writing:

We write alone, but we can only keep writing with the help of a community of writers. And I had found mine.

Meeting and working alongside other writers helped me understand what had been missing in my on-and-off writing years. With their help, I generated enough writing to complete my first collection of poems, Galaxy, published by Anvil Press, in 2011.

The same year my book came out, I had a personal tragedy stop me from writing.

As I freed my voice to be heard by the world, I found out I was due to become a mother. With this role, I imagined, that I could get it right and help this little life grow up feeling heard and understood.

Sadly, my baby was stillborn. I was no longer a mother. In the tsunami of grief that washed over my life, I felt like I couldn’t continue to be an author, either.

I didn’t want to write about my life anymore because I couldn’t bear to share so much suffering.

So, I put the stopper back on the bottle, locking in all those emotions and ideas again.

Fortunately, there were books. I found my way through the works of authors who had suffered loss and found healing.

In this time of not writing, I still craved a writing community and so I edited my first issue of Room magazine on the theme of loss. The tender truths each contributor shared showed me how to write my own story.

Today, I am still writing my truest feelings, and figuring things out on the pages I fill.

I’m also busy raising two children, whose voices I cherish and encourage. Naturally, this is infinitely harder than I imagined, but I’m consistently inspired by them, and, I’m inspired by the love and connections we create in this here writing community.

I believe that if we let our messages out of the bottle, we get to live fuller lives: lives where we are genuinely seen and genuinely see others.

I believe that by writing honestly and attentively, we express our true hearts and can connect in a fundamentally disconnected world.

some Interviews I’ve Done

My Values


I bravely show up and tell the deep truths writing requires.

Canada flag

Fear is a Light

What I’m afraid to do creatively is usually where I need to go.


I read and write to deeply understand and feel with others.

Social Justice

I stand for racial, LGBTQIA2s+, and disability justice.


I tune into my intuition and knowing (this is a work-in-progress).


It’s a writing-life, not a writing-week, or minute. It takes time.


Just because we write alone, we don’t need to be lonely writers.


I share openly and honestly, especially when I make mistakes.

A Little More About Me…

I'm an INFP...

(among my other identities)

In the Myers-Briggs system, INFPs make up 4% of the population. They are said to live authentically and according to their internal values and feelings. INFPs also want people to stay true to themselves. This checks out! I love to help writers reach their potential and to become their most authentic and ideal selves. 

Some of my other identities: My pronouns are she/her/hers, my sexuality is fluid (whose isn’t, though?), and my mind is neuroatypical.

Rachel Thompson INFP
Rachel Thompson Canadian Writer
Canada flag

I'm a grateful guest on many lands...

I’m a settler Canadian, born on Treaty 1 territory and raised on Treaty 2 territory in Manitoba. I have also lived for a time on the traditional territories of the Kanien’kehá:ka, and the Anishinabeg peoples in Montreal, Quebec, and on the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh lands in Vancouver, B.C. When I travel, I love to spend months living and working somewhere, which I’ve done in both Central America and the U.K. At present, I’m a guest in Egypt, living with my Egyptian spouse and our children by the Red Sea in the South Sinai, the traditional territory of the Al-Tirabin Bedouin. (Imagine where Moses received the tablets, and that’s about where you’d find me right now!)

My Writing Life requires finding balance, too...

I know the challenges of juggling work-life, family-life, and writing-life. All of what I teach is informed by what I’ve learned the hard way. I share with transparency and openness any wisdom I have gleaned through publishing my first book, plus all of the highs and lows I experience as I prepare my next book for publication.

Rachel Thompson Writing is a Balancing Act

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