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I offer:

  1. A Membership Community
  2. Courses on Revision & Publishing
  3. Editorial Services

1. Membership community


Writerly Love

Reach your dreamiest writing goals

If you want to reach some big goals with your writing, but need accountability to see them through, I’ve built this community for you. This is an ongoing, monthly program where we alternate lessons on writing craft, platform, and publishing with guided writing sessions and small group workshops. Registration open until April 15.

2. courses


Revision Love

learn to Self-Edit your writing & make it shine

New Sliding-Scale Registration Options!

If you’re getting bleary-eyed revising your writing, come get help polishing your work until it shines. This course will bring your revision skills to the next level, giving you new tools for your writing practice that will help your writing sparkle.  ​Next Session: April 15 to May 20.

Lit Mag Love

publish your writing in literary journals you adore

After Lit Mag Love you will know the steps you must take to publish your work—and take those steps right to a big “YES” for your writing from your dream journals. Early registration extended. Get a lovely discount when you register before April 30. Session starts June 1.

3. editorial services

I offer manuscript critiques, substantive edits, and one-to-one coaching for creative writers. I am currently booking about a month in advance, and for critiques, I charge $125 for the first 10 pages in a manuscript (and $2/page after that), for substantive edits I will give you an estimate based on the hour or the word (these vary depending on the nature and extent of editing required), and I charge $60/hour for coaching. Set up a free initial consultation with me to discuss your needs, using the form below:

Rachel's a great teacher. I REALLY appreciate her down-to-earth style.

Sarah Rhea Werner

Host of The Write Now Podcast

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