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Sliding Scale Info

I offer a sliding scale pricing model in the hopes of providing more access for writers at this moment when so many of us have lost jobs or have had our income drastically reduced. I believe in and trust the model of a sliding scale and believe and trust in all of you who join.

Standard Price Tier
For employed or retired writers, writers with access to personal or generational wealth, and writers who want to support my sliding-scale practice. Full price.

No code required.

Support Tier 1 (5% reduction of total cost)
For recently unemployed writers or writers experiencing reduced income and who do not have access to generational or personal wealth.
Payment code: BRILLIANT5

Support Tier 2 (10% reduction of the total cost)
For writers experiencing financial insecurity and who do not have access to personal or generational wealth and/or savings. Limited to 2 spots per year; please choose another tier if you have the means to do so.
Payment code: BRILLIANT10

BIPOC +/ Trans Reconciliation Pricing (20% reduction of total cost)

I offer Reconciliation Pricing in recognition of how colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism concentrates resources and wealth into the hands of the few at the expense of the many.

This pricing is offered ONLY to Black, Indigenous and other writers of colour and transgender writers because systemic racism and transphobia create financial disadvantages for these communities.

Payment code: BRILLIANT20

Because this tier is very limited, if you have means or funding, you may wish to choose one of the above sliding-scale tiers instead.

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