The Lit Mag Love course is open for registration right now and this episode is slightly different in that you will get to peek behind the curtain of the Lit Mag Love course. Each session, we host editor Q&A calls where writers in the course community come live to hear me first interview the editor and then ask their own questions.

So you’ll hear Mark Drew of the Gettysburg Review in this episode answering questions from the live cohort who came to our call.

When you’ll listen you’ll note right away that this call happened in the first year of the pandemic and you’ll get an editor’s perspective on the kind of reflection missing from most writing in the moment, at least for this particular journal. And you’ll hear about the kinds of work Gettysburg accepts the qualities of the work they look for and learn more about the editorial experience you’ll get should you place work with them.

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A full transcript of this episode will appear here soon.

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